Bypass UK's porn filter

And access blocked sites


Bypass internet censorship and regain immediate access to all blocked sites now

I built this Chrome extension to bypass UK's censorship. It is the easiest way to access blocked sites.
Simply install the GAC Chrome extension, login, and the blocked sites are immediately bypassed.


What you need

  • A Google Chrome Browser

Install it

  1. Install GAC Chrome Extension
  2. Type chrome://extensions on Chrome to see the list of Chrome Extensions that you have
  3. Find the extension named "Go away Cameron"
  4. Enable Incognito Mode for the extension (People always forget this step)
  5. Click Options for the "Go away Cameron" extension
  6. Click Login
  7. Upgrade for super-fast speeds
  8. Enjoy your internet freedom!

Register an account

  • Activate GAC mode by clicking on the GAC icon on the right of your address bar:

  • Enter the URL of your favourite blocked site. And press Enter.
  • Your website will now be unblocked :)
  • GAC will automatically deactivate itself after some time to resume normal surfing.

(Doesn't work?) Ensure that you don't have a conflicting chrome extension that messes with your browser's proxy settings. To test this, disable all extensions except GAC and try again.
Will this work outside of UK?

Yes! This will work anywhere, and with any websites that are blocked by firewall, universities, workplaces, nanny filters, or well, censorship.

What is "Go away Cameron"?

"Go away Cameron", or GAC, is a chrome extension that automates a private and smart proxy service to route your access around censorship so you can regain your access to your favourite blocked sites in UK.

Is it legal?

GAC is essentially a smart proxy service. And I don't believe a proxy service is illegal.

Are you harvesting info?

No, no logs are stored.

Can you trace who I am?

No, I can't even do that. Other from your IP address, which isn't logged as well. But how can you know for sure? See my answer to the last question.

Is it safe?

It is even safer than you using any unknown Hotspot Shield, or surfing websites through the random web proxy (which you already am and needs no setting up in case you don't know, thats how they block you from the websites). In fact, it is even FASTER. Because the server uses better international routing than your homeline internet. And most of the blocked websites are international.

Why do you need the permission to "access data on all websites?"

Because blocked sites lie on arbitrary urls! And I don't have, nor will I ever can have, an exhuastive list of UK banned sites. What I can do is to merely detect whether the website returns you an error message saying UK blocked it. (This is when the extension kicks in). I think I have an at most 10line code that checks for this. I welcome you to check the code for this.

Why do you need the permission to "access tabs and browsing activity?"

Because I apply a private proxy (not public, so even safer) to your browser temporarily for you to be able to view the banned website. But because it is private, it needs to enter the username and password to the proxy. Which I don't want you to manually enter, so I hijack the process and manually enter it for you. So thats why I need this permission so I can make it seamless for you. I promise I do nothing more than that.

What is your intention for making this?

3 reasons. One, It was a holiday project as I was learning Twitter bootstrap. Two, I enjoy my internet freedom, and urge all of you to never give that up, let alone to any government agencies. Three, I did have some blind hopes for it going viral.

Who are you?

A recent Computer Science graduate. You can talk to me at

If this extension violates any law in UK, please send me an email at and I will be more than willing to comply.